“Understanding and Uncovering the Potential of

Human Stem Cells Elevates Drug Research for More Effective Therapies


Charlotte Ohonin - CEO & Founder

Our Mission

Still, there is an unmet need for human study materials and alternative solutions to animal disease models in drug research. With the Nano-Lab-System NORGANOID intends to establish a more reliable, human-centered tool for disease modeling and testing of potential therapeutics, even at early stages of drug discovery.

It is our mission to significantly elevate the drug development value chain for predicting the outcome of drug screenings more accurately.

Basic research
& Drug targeting

& Optimization



FDA Approval

Human disease models
on chip for drug design

Up-scaled drug
candidate screening
Multi organ-on-chip
systems for
investigating effects & side effects
Higher prediction of
clinical outcome
Higher chances of
market entry

Basic research & Drug targeting

Human disease models on chip for drug design

Confirmation & Optimization

Up-scaled drug candidate screening

Preclinical Testing

Multi organ-on-chip systems for investigating effects & side effects

Clinical Development

Higher prediction of clinical outcome

FDA Approval

Higher chances of market entry

The Nano-Lab-System is applicable at single stages of drug discovery and significantly can improve research outcomes.
As visionaries, we aim to contribute to the establishment of personalized medicine in the healthcare system. Oncology research was one of the first fields to show the effectiveness and application of personalized medicine successfully. To move development further, it will be essential to use the potential of human stem cell technology for achieving patient-centered medicine broadly.

Aiming to accomplish our vision, we combine and improve state-of-the-art technologies to realize the Nano-Lab-System, an advanced platform for modeling human diseases and targeting drugs more effectively, empowered by the biological capacity of stem cells and fluidic machinery.

Our Vision

100x Cost Efficient

$US 400 million of research-related cost in pre-clinical studies is reduced to 4 $US million.

50% Faster

The pre-clinical research phase of 3-6 years can reach an average of 3 years.


Human-based studies and disease models provide a better prediction of the outcomes of clinical trials.

Personalized medicine

The use of iPSC allows investigating individual ailments and person-specific drug screening.

Reduced Animal Testing

We offer an accessible alternative solution to animal study materials.

NORGANOID proposes an affordable system for a more reliable drug research.